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Chlorination System in water treatment

Our Company

Today announced that it is the first company to successfully complete a certification audit by TCS Certification, Inc. to the newly revised ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems standard.  We have been supplying chlorination unit  for drinking water, Chlorine dosing  for waste water and cooling water based on recommendation by Chlorine Institutes , U.S.A/Bureau of Indian Standard . The chlorinators along with related equipment are manufacturing and supplying the complete chlorination systems with detailed engineering from our end. We have trained engineers and technicians to do supervision of erection and commissioning of chlorination system. We have installed more than 200 chlorination systems in India along with Chlorine leak absorption system. The major clients are Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC),IOCL,CPCL,Some of the Municipal Corporation, Public Health Services, Sugars plants, Paper Industries and major water treatment contractors like Thermax, Degremont, L&T, etc,..

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Latsha Technologies Product is absolutely the best on the market. What sets us apart from all of our competitors is that:  

We  take great care in assembly and testing to make certain all products  are in perfect  for client requirement 

We  stock all products and parts for immediate shipment.  

We  machine all of our parts from solid stock of the finest materials available. Our body parts are machined from PVC stock. Our body parts will not crack or      warp. This prevents leaks and greatly reduces repair costs. Our competitors have cut cost and compromised durability by using injection molding.

Our material selection and construction is designed for maximum durability and suitable for chlorine corrosion resistances  . Inlet materials  are solid Hastelloy-C276 or PVC,  inlet valves.As mentioned, we are also focused heavily on maintaining and always improving the quality of our service. In this regard, we offer the following advantages:  

A  warranty that we stand behind. (Matches or exceeds the warranty offered by  any other major brand.)

 Latsha  Technologies 2-Year Warranty

Fast  shipping is our standard.All parts are always kept in stock.

We  strive to provide excellent customer service. chlorine dosing chlorination system

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