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Chlorine Scrubber



  • Chlorine has manifold diverse uses. As its usage and handling rise,     the danger associated with it also rises. As such a potential risk is involve a severe emergency may suddenly and unexpectedly occur,    such eventualities should be anticipated and proper methods should be devised in advance to meet them. Now a days the industrial safety and protection control Personnel are very serious on accident prone poisonous gas leakage, particularly chlorine leakage.  Cl2 gas LEAKS · The most common leaks in chlorine Tonner or Cylinder are the leaks around valves and take off copper tube connectors. The other possible, severe emergency that may occur, is either due to 1. Breakdown of valves or 2. Any puncture on the wall of the Tonner. The common leaks at valves or copper tubing can be met with standard emergency kits, but the others will be grave in nature and may suddenly and expectedly happen. It can be extensive and heavy. LATSHA TECHNOLOGIES has developed this package system to control and arrest the heavy leaks from the chlorine tonner based on the recommendations of 1. Chlorine Institute Inc., U.S.A 2. Bureau of Indian Standards 3. National Safety Council 4. Alkali manufacture’s Association of India DESCRIPTION · The package system consists of 1. FRP Gas Hood [s] 2. Chlorine gas suction blower [s] 3. Absorption tower 4. Absorption tank 5. Absorption circulation pump [s] 6. Interconnection pipes, fittings, instruments and valves etc., 7. Chlorine Gas Leak Detector with sensor [s] 8. Control Panel Proper care has been taken in selection of material of construction of equipment, so that they are totally corrosion resistant.  PROCESS  · If the leak is uncontrollable, the FRP gas hood is placed over the tonner manually to cover the leaky tonner totally. The outlet nozzle of the hood is connected to blower suction by a flexible PVC hose and/or PVC/FRP piping. The hood prevents the leaky chlorine gas to spread into the atmosphere. Alternatively, as a precautionary method the Hood / Hoods can always be placed over the tonner [s] which is /are in operation. The absorbent pumps and suction Blower / Fans are started [Manually or in Automatic mode]. The Blower sucks the leaked chlorine gas, directs to the absorption tower, where chlorine meets counter currently the absorbent solution. The chlorine gas is absorbed by absorbent and the air is vented at the top of the tower. As this is absorption accompanied by a chemical reaction, there will be only nil or negligible traces of chlorine in the air vent. The process of starting of Absorbent Circulation Pump and Blower can be done automatically based on the signals from Chlorine Gas Leak Detector sensor[s] located close to the Tonners and in Chlorination Plant. The sufficient quantity of absorbent is continuously circulated in the tower from the absorbent tank till the tonner gets emptied. The spent absorbent, after completion of all chlorine will contain only sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite or sodium sulphate salts which are innocuous. This can be disposed off without any pollution problem. ammonia


Chlorine Leak Detector

Chlorine  gas Leak Detection /Chlorine gas safety precautions with Alarm comprise versatile sampling systems that support detection at particular point/location by sensing chlorine gas leak in ambient air and providing alarm contact. For easy handling, it features contacts for operating automatic valves/ Auto Chlorine Gas Leak Absorption System chlorine scrubber ammonia


Emergency Kit A&B

Chlorine Cylinder Leak Arresting Kits comprise tools and appliances including studs, tie rods hoods, gaskets, yokes, mild steel channels, screws, clamps, spanners, wooden pegs, pins and others that are made available in standard sizes. We offer separate kits for handling of cylinders and tonners with supporting gadgets designed for controlling/stopping leakages from fusible plug, valves, side walls of cylinders & containers that are used in the handling of chlorine. chlorine scrubber ammonia

Safety aceesories


Emergency eye wash washer

Emergency  eye wash washer  Safety Showers works as first aid safety equipment and assist in minimizing injuries in event of an accident/exposure to hazardous gases. Suitable for both Indoor and outdoor installation, these come in stainless steel finish with epoxy coating to provide for long lasting usage support. chlorine scrubber ammonia


Tonner Roller Support

Tonner Roller Support  Function: To hold the Ton Containers securely in Place and also to facilitate the Positioning of Ton Containers, so that the inbuilt Valves [Gas side and Liquid Side] lie one over the other vertically chlorine scrubber ammonia


Lifting Beam with Adjustable Hook

Lifting Beam with Adjustable Hook Features and Be · Bright yellow enamel paint finish · Center lift model LBCL is standard (pictured) · Low clearance model and fork lifts available as options · Total weight approx. 105 lbs. · 4000 lbs. lifting capacity · Manufactured to ASME B30.20 specifications · Strong, all steel, welded construction with 1" thick steel hooksLB - Pin is centered - 2-1/2" on 5" beam chlorine scrubber ammonia

Chlorine Hadling kit


Chlorine Institute Emergency kits

Emergency chlorine kits  1. Kit A- for 80 Kgs and 100 Kgs Cylinder  2. Kit B – for ton containers Chlorine Institute Emergency kits are designed to contain most leaks which may be encountered in chlorine shipping containers. The following kits are available for recovery vessels are available. chlorine scrubber ammonia


Centifugal Blower


Capacity as per Customer Requirement chlorine scrubber ammonia


FRC chlorine analyzer

Monitering Resdiual Chlorine in waterf chlorine scrubber ammonia

Emergency kit

Grab interest

Emergency chlorine kits  1. Kit A- for 80 Kgs and 100 Kgs Cylinder  2. Kit B – for ton containers Chlorine Institute Emergency kits are designed to contain most leaks which may be encountered in chlorine shipping containers. The following kits are available for recovery vessels are available. chlorine scrubber ammonia

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